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"My Children, My Heroes - Memoirs of a Holocaust Mother" reveals a powerful story of human survival and the will to endure.

I translated my mother's memoirs portion of his book from its original Yiddish manuscript into English.  I am the eldest of two sons . 

This special book includes my mother's Holocaust memoirs, which she wrote during our confinement in a Displaced Persons camp in Frankfurt/Main, Germany. My mother, Sonia Minuskin, was able to save her 2 young children against overwhelming odds during the Holocaust years of World War II by fleeing with them from their small town in Poland into the nearby forests of Belorussia, where she joined up with the Jewish Partisan fighters.


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Holocaust Memoirs includes: Sonia Minuskin's memoirs of life and survival in the forests of Belorussia with the Jewish Partisans during WWII, and Harold Minuskin's childhood memories. The Partisans of Belorussia were mostly Jews who fought along with the Russian Partisans, thus impeding the plans by the Nazis and their collaborators to destroy the entire Belorussian Jewish population.

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